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Try to remember, when you watch TV, walk down the street or drive your car, how often do you pay attention to advertising, peer at advertising, trying to remember or simply to understand its meaning?

The information space of the modern world is overloaded with advertising, each of us has developed a robust immunity to all forms of advertising messages, and it seems that ad exists only for itself.

How to make advertising effective, unobtrusive and addressed especially to your potential buyers?

How to make advertising not annoying and useful for the consumer, helping to make the right choice when buying?

Specialists of Research Company “Ozarenie” use a professional approach in the development of advertising campaigns in Sochi. Applying marketing research experience, originally target audience is defined - potential clients of the enterprise. A portrait of the consumer is formed on a base of the psychographic characteristics, lifestyle, age and sex.  Understanding for whom the advertising message is created helps to select precisely the tools of advertising and in the format in which the advertisement will be seen and accepted by customers with thanks.

Research Company “Ozarenie” provides the following types of advertising services in Sochi:
• Creating the idea of advertising campaign,
• Advertising research,
• Media planning,
• ATL/BTL/TTL Advertising
• Non-typical advertising technologies
• Forming advertising budget,
• Analysis of advertising effectiveness.

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