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Term Definition
Creating the political campaign

A political campaign is an organized effort which seeks to influence the decision making process within a specific group. Political campaigns often refer to electoral campaigns, where in representatives are chosen or referendums are decided. In a political campaign must be considered how to communicate the message of the campaign, recruit volunteers, and raise money. Campaign advertising includes techniques from commercial advertising and propaganda. The avenues available to political campaigns when distributing their messages is limited by the law, available resources, and the imagination of the campaigns' participants. These techniques are often combined into a formal strategy known as the campaign plan. The plan takes account of a campaign's goal, message, target audience, and resources available. The campaign will typically seek to identify supporters at the same time as getting its message across.

Depth interview

Depth interview –an unstructured personal interview in which the interviewer attempts to get subjects to talk freely and to express their true feelings.

Desk research

Desk research - (sometimes known as secondary data or secondary research) involves gathering data that already exists either from internal sources of the client, publications of governmental and non-governmental institutions, free access data on the internet, in professional newspapers and magazines, in annual reports of companies and commercial databases to name but a few. In many projects, carrying out an initial desk research stage is strongly recommended to gain background knowledge to a subject as well as providing useful leads that will help to get the maximum from a research budget.

Experience survey

Experience survey – a series of interviews with people knowledgeable about the general subject being investigated.


Experiment – A scientific investigation in which an investigator manipulates and controls one or more independent variables and observes the dependent variable for variation concomitant to the manipulation of the independent variable(s).

Focus group
  1. (consumer behavior definition) A method of gathering qualitative data on the preferences and beliefs of consumers through group interaction and discussion usually focused on a specific topic or product. Also, it is a group of respondents brought together for this purpose 2. (marketing research definition) A personal interview conducted among a small number of individuals simultaneously; the interview relies more on group discussion than on a series of directed questions to generate data. It is also called group in-depth interview.
Forming advertising budget

The decision about how much money should be spent for advertising during a specific time period in order to accomplish the specific objectives of a client. This decision also involves the allocation of specific amounts of the total advertising appropriation to various media, creative approaches, times of the year, and to the production costs involved in preparing the advertising messages for placement in the various media.


A concrete, short-term point of measurement that the business unit intends to meet in pursuit of its objectives. An overall objective converts into specific short-run goals.


A hall-test is a face-to-face interview conducted in special venues. If you need to measure consumer perception of a product’s properties, to test an ad or ad concept, or measure brand image, a hall-test is one of the most effective ways to do so. Hall tests are conducted in special venues to enable a relatively large number of respondents to see and test the products under study. Respondents are screened and recruited from high streets adjacent to the venues.

Internet advertising campaigns

There are two types of Internet advertising campaigns: advertising campaign which activities designed to attract the clients and advertising campaign made for building the image of a company. First type of advertising campaign is used to increase the number of consumers. In this case such methods are used: website promotion, Search Advertising (An advertiser pays for the chance to have their ad display when a user searches for a given keyword. These are usually text ads, which are displayed above or to the right of the algorithmic (organic) search results), banner advertising, e-mail marketing (this is not spam, but interesting and attractive e-mail communications to stay in regular touch with your customers and build strong consumer relationships). Second type is the image advertising campaign. It is more difficult, costly and long way, the main idea here is to build the strong positive image of a company. The tools of image advertising campaign are: the secret campaigns made by special agents in social networks, blogs, dating portals, forums and chats. These agents in hidden form mention of some brand or a company in dialogs, put interesting topic for talks in forums, publish articles, show other people that using some product or a service more comfortable and profitable by telling their own experience. In that case the advertising campaign is more useful, it is not seen as the advertising but as the useful information, as an advice of a friend, what influences strongly on the process of making the choice in goods or services.

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