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Term Definition
Self-administered survey

In a self-administered survey, the respondent is directly handed the questionnaire to fill out.

SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting is a special technique for writing and editing text for the websites in the way so that firstly the user could easily read and understand the text and secondly the text includes the top keywords and phrases so that it would be equally appealing both for your visitors and the search engines.
The main goal of SEO Copywriting is the rating upgrade of the website in the results of the search engines after the searching by the top keyword phrases. SEO Copywriting goals: -Web content optimized for higher rankings and traffic, -Interesting and understandable content for visitors, -Marketing and advertising of the goods or services.

Social tension

Analysis of social tension helps to evaluate the level of civil disorder, it is one or more forms of disturbance caused by a group of people. Civil disturbance is typically a symptom of, and a form of protest against, major socio-political problems; the severity of the action coincides with public expression(s) of displeasure. Examples of civil disorder include, but are not necessarily limited to: illegal parades; sit-ins and other forms of obstructions; riots; sabotage; and other forms of crime. It is intended to be a demonstration to the public and the government, but can escalate into general chaos. More frequently, the cause of such issues is related to economic stagnation, severe inflation, devaluation of currency, disasters man made or natural, severe unemployment, oppression, political scandal, or, in some countries, sporting events. So the level of social tension can show the business atmosphere, such information is very important for making right decisions in business strategy.


Speechwriting is very important part of political campaign. Speech always involves points, themes, positions, or messages the executive would like to cover. Writing a speech involves several steps. A speechwriter has to meet with the executive and the executive's senior staff to find out the broad framework of points or messages that the executive wants to cover in the speech. Then, the speechwriter does his or her own research on the topic, to flesh out this framework with anecdotes, and examples. The speechwriter will also consider the audience for the speech, which can range from a town-hall meeting of community leaders to an international leaders' forum. Then the speechwriter blends the points, themes, positions, and messages with his or her own research to create an "informative, original and authentic speech" for the executive.

Store decor

Original ideas in decor and design will set your store apart from all others. A selection of professional signage, colors and finishes gives your store a whole buying atmosphere that has personality, distinction and warmth. Your store is seen as a whole, so all areas should be coordinated. Merchandise will sell easier and faster in a pleasant atmosphere.

Store planning

Store planning has great influence on economic effectiveness. We will arrange your store so that the customer pulling departments are located in spots that control traffic and increase impulse buying. Designing store interiors for “four corner penetration” leads customers from purchase to purchase, instead of buying the one or two items they intended to buy. This means that almost every individual that enters your place of business will examine more merchandise than ever before. You can get more stock in sight and in reach with no added floor space.

Telephone interview

Telephone interview- a telephone conversation between a representative of the research organization, the interviewer, and a respondent or interviewee.

Unique selling proposition (USP)

An approach to developing the advertising message that concentrates on the uniquely differentiating characteristic of the product that is both important to the customer and a unique strength of the advertised products when compared to competing products.

Value added by marketing

The increase in value due to performance of marketing activities by a firm. Value added by marketing is computed by subtracting the market value of purchased goods from the market value of goods sold.

Website optimization

Website optimization is one of the main goals which have to be solved in using website. Website optimization tasks are: optimization the site to improve the SERP (Search Engine Result Position) and to increase the conversion of the site visitors. Conversion is the process of turning site visitors to customers, high level of conversion makes your website work in the maximum efficiency.
Website optimization can be divided in two types: -Search Engine Optimization — SEO -Site Usability Optimization — SUO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) -Semantic Clustering (A technique for developing relevant keywords by focusing tightly on keywords and keyword phrases that are associative and closely related, referred to as "semantic clustering.” Focused and closely-related keyword groups, which would appear in the advertiser’s ad text and in the website content). -Creating content both interesting for visitors and valuable for search engine machines. -Right organization of the inner link base. -Right website structure. -Correct Metatags (the Title, Description and Keywords of each page that are there primarily for search engines).

Site Usability Optimization (SUO) -Correct representation website in different browsers. -Usability of website navigation. -Right planning of visitors routs at website. -Giving the relevant information -Timely update of website content.

All these optimization methods help to get maximum efficiency from your website.

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