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Marketing research

In the daily management every leader is faced with the need to find answers to such questions as:
– Why competitive products are in great demand than products of our company?
– Why do consumers change their preferences and go to our competitors?
– Why do clients choose us?
– Why the past advertising campaign did not bring the expected result?
– Which new products or service will be demanded?

These are just a few of the questions and doubts that beset the leaders in constant competition.

Giving answers to many business questions is the goal of marketing research, in other words, marketing research — is the process of obtaining the necessary information for sound management decisions.

Market research is like a compass in a maze of business - solutions, to obtain reliable information in time indicates the right direction for success.

Research Company “Ozarenie” conducts market research in Sochi.

Sochi is a dynamic and growing city. The ongoing processes have a direct impact on the market situation. In order not to miss the opportunities and to take the necessary actions there must be relevant and reliable information. Marketing research in Sochi today becomes the most effective weapon in the fight for market leadership.

Specialists of Research Company “Ozarenie” will develop an individual program of marketing research aimed at solving your problems.

Previously you can see the options of marketing research to solve your problems in the section Your goals - our solutions.

Research Company “Ozarenie” provides the following types of services in Sochi:

Qualitative research:

• Focus group;
• Depth interview;
• Experience survey;
• Observation;
• Experiment;
• Mystery Shopping.

Quantitative research:

• Man-on-the-street survey;
• In-home-interview/in-office interview;
• Telephone interview;
• Self-administered survey;
• Retail audit;
• Hall-test.

Desk research:

Information sources:
• Publications,
• Legislation,
• Electronics,
• Authorities.

Media research includes:

• Evaluation of media rating,
• Definition the portrait of the target audience of media channels,
• Definition the prime - time intervals broadcasting of TV and radio - channels,
• Identifying the shares of broadcasting of TV and radio- channels,
• Identifying the audience preferences in the choice of local news and entertainment programs,
• Genre preferences of the local media audience.

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