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Today, merchandising is increasingly becoming a part of the professional trading areas. In most cases, merchandising is regarded as the art of food laying on the shelves. However, this concept includes a much wider range of services.

Shop floor occupies first place in the whole trade chain. In the store buyer makes a final choice, makes a decision about buying.

Merchandising is the art of the sale of goods in the space of a trade hall.

Artificial methods of hard-sell cause irritation and frustration of the perfect purchase.  The main purpose of merchandising today —  is not seeking to force the consumer to buy as many goods, as possible, but building a comfortable shopping space in which it is pleasant to easily choose the right product, which in turn stimulates the activity of visitors' purchasing.

Current research allows creating a space that is fully consistent with the natural human system.
Moreover, in an era of abundance and variety of options, each commercial enterprise needs to develop its own unique image. Using the tools of merchandising helps to create a positive image of an individual commercial enterprise in the eyes of its customers, thereby strengthening their loyalty, i.e. consistency in the selection of commercial enterprise.

Research Company “Ozarenie” provides the following types of services in Sochi:
• Store planning,
• Promotional merchandising,
• POS - instruments,
• Store decor.

Research company «Ozarenie» Sochi 2010

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