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Sociological studies

Sociological studies are an important focus of research. The study of processes and phenomena occurring in society, of course, is an important source of information relevant to the representatives of the business-environment. 
The solution to many business goals of the enterprise requires an analysis of developments affecting the social and economic spheres of society.

Studding public opinion on issues such as value orientations, demographic processes, the definition of the social tension, an analysis of public attitudes to various issues and social events allow determining the favorable or unfavorable trends for business.

Analysis of social processes and social phenomena in terms of their impact on the business environment can predict the success or risk in one or another form of business activity. Business depends entirely on the processes taking place in society. Knowledge of trends in social sphere helps to adequately and timely respond, offering the market the most popular products and services.

Research Company “Ozarenie” provides the following types of services in Sochi:
• Opinion poll,
• Social tension,
• Analysis of attitude to social events,
• Measuring level of social influence on business environment.

Research company «Ozarenie» Sochi 2010

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