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“Ozarenie”, what does it mean?

In Russian the word “Ozarenie” (inspiration, blink, brain-wave) means a sudden clearing of consciousness, a clear understanding of something.

Name of the Research Company “Ozarenie” is chosen not by chance, it reflects the mission of our company -  clear understanding the way of your business development. Research Center “Ozarenie”  specializes in marketing and sociological research.  With advanced techniques of collecting, processing and analysis of information, we provide our partners a solid informational basis for making current and strategic decisions.

Research Centre has as its main goal — providing quality, timely, relevant and objective information. After all, the quality of the information plays the major role in the effectiveness of manager's decisions, in the correctness of the chosen strategy and business development solutions, and, consequently, in the success of the enterprise.

When a person has a reliable, accurate and complete information comes an amazing moment of inspiration (ozarenie), of vision the way out of some situation, answers to important questions come to your mind, the way for further movement is clear.

Together we will open new horizons and amazing possibilities and see how your business will fill the faces of success, growth and prosperity.

Research Company “Ozarenie” —
clear business solutions


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