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Term Definition
Website optimization

Website optimization is one of the main goals which have to be solved in using website. Website optimization tasks are: optimization the site to improve the SERP (Search Engine Result Position) and to increase the conversion of the site visitors. Conversion is the process of turning site visitors to customers, high level of conversion makes your website work in the maximum efficiency.
Website optimization can be divided in two types: -Search Engine Optimization — SEO -Site Usability Optimization — SUO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) -Semantic Clustering (A technique for developing relevant keywords by focusing tightly on keywords and keyword phrases that are associative and closely related, referred to as "semantic clustering.” Focused and closely-related keyword groups, which would appear in the advertiser’s ad text and in the website content). -Creating content both interesting for visitors and valuable for search engine machines. -Right organization of the inner link base. -Right website structure. -Correct Metatags (the Title, Description and Keywords of each page that are there primarily for search engines).

Site Usability Optimization (SUO) -Correct representation website in different browsers. -Usability of website navigation. -Right planning of visitors routs at website. -Giving the relevant information -Timely update of website content.

All these optimization methods help to get maximum efficiency from your website.

Website promotion

Website promotion – is a special type of advertising that helps your site to get leader positions in the search engine results for the key words and key phrases which characterize your main business activity.

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