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Political technologies

Politics — is a comprehensive concept that affects all spheres of society, it is what shapes society, gives it some order. The art of managing this order — is the skillful use of political technologies.

The use of political technologies can enhance the credibility of a political leader, to create an attractive image of a public institution, political party, to form electoral preferences of the population, to influence political opponents, adversaries in the political conflicts, to have an impact on individuals, who make government decisions, and of course to mobilize the masses for political support.

The competent political marketing includes several stages, but the first stage of the political campaign of the candidate is to conduct a poll among the population. Through a survey you can get basic information about the target audience and identify its relevance to policy makers and individual components of their activities.  Social expectations and stereotypes identified in the survey will form the basis for the formation of the program of the candidate's image in the eyes of potential voters, because the coincidence image with expectations maximizes the popularity of political figure for the long time.

Research Company “Ozarenie” provides the following types of services in Sochi:
• Creating the political campaign,
• Speechwriting,
• Creating political image,
• Analysis of political preferences,
• Organizing and training of a activists/agitator group,
• Pre-election political ratings,
• Content analysis.

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