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Your goals


Your goal: Increase in profits, increase sales, attracting new ones.
Our solution: Complex marketing research:

  • identification of strengths and weaknesses of a company;
  • reputation rating of the company;
  • determination of consumer preferences of target audience;
  • reliable information about market conditions (market structure, key players, conjuncture, segments);
  • identification of market trends;
  • identification of unoccupied market niches;
  • perspectives of introducing new products or services.

Your goal: Preservation of existing customers, strengthening the company's image
Our solution: Comprehensive analysis of the target audience, analysis of the company's image:

  • determination the target groups of goods/services consumers;
  • determination of consumer preferences of target audience;
  • identification of the most popular loyalty programs among the target audience;
  • identification of consumers’ perception the company and its products/services;
  • identification of strengths and weaknesses of a company;
  • definition of the company's position in the competitive environment;
  • detailed study of each component of the company's image;
  • working out the measures to enhance image and loyalty.

Your goal: Attracting new clients.
Our solution: Developing an effective advertising campaign:

  • identification of new target groups of consumers;
  • identification of consumer preferences of new target groups;
  • identification of the most popular loyalty programs among the new target audience;
  • definition of media - preferences of the new target audience;
  • working out an advertising campaign and an effective media – plan.

Your goal: Optimization of assortment of products or service package
Our solution: Study of consumer preferences:

  • identification of the most popular group of goods/services;
  • gaining a deeper understanding of the consumers’ needs and wishes;
  • analysis of the existing range of products and services for compliance with the expectations of consumers, comparison with the competitive positions;
  • study of the clients’ perception of quality of goods/services;
  • identification of opportunities to offer just such a product/ service, which consumers need;
  • anticipation of new requirements, unknown for competitors, and enabling innovative breakthrough.

Your goal: Improving the quality of service.
Our solution: Observation (Mystery shopping)

  • estimation of service quality, sales techniques, appearance and interior design office, the appearance of staff, awareness of staff about the proposed product, service;
  • submission of comments on the quality of service;
  • comparison of prices and quality service with similar services of competitors;
  • working out the recommendations to improve customer service.

Your goal: Determination of the optimal level of prices offered goods/services
Our solution: Price Research:

  • study of the competitors pricing policy;
  • study of the consumer behavior at different prices for goods/ services;
  • assess the effects of prices on the image formation within the target audience;
  • study the impact of different price levels on the consumer preferences.

Your goal: Conclusion on the market of new products, entering new service to an existing package of services
Our solution: Testing of products and services:

  • study of consumer perception of product/service properties;
  • study the attitude of the target audience to the existing market goods and services;
  • identification of unmet demand among the target audience;
  • selection of an optimal product/service.

Your goal: Working out an effective advertising campaign
Our Solution: Testing advertising concepts:

  • search for ideas and concepts for the upcoming advertising campaign;
  • identifying potentially successful advertising concepts from a variety of options;
  • determination of the attractiveness of concepts for the target audience, their strengths and weaknesses, their proximity to the consumer, their novelty, the level of inducement to purchase;
  • selection of the most successful advertising concept;
  • working out an advertising campaign based on the selected advertising strategy.

Your goal: Evaluating the effectiveness of an advertising campaign
Our solution: Analysis of the advertising effectiveness:

  • analysis of changes in sales (total sales and sales in different groups of goods / services);
  • questioning the target audience for memorability of the viewed advertising and its impression;
  • determination the intention to make a purchase after viewing ads.

Your goal: Working out the effective media – plan
Our solution: Media preferences research:

  • the rating of information sources for your customers;
  • study the level of consumer confidence in the sources of information;
  • study the attitude, trust and depth of attention of the target audience to the different advertising tools.

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